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TIKTOK: A Social Media Platform Turning Everyone To Immature Unthinking Idiot (A MUST READ)



Gone are the days when teenagers pay attention to becoming something meaningful in future.

The days when teenagers and adults want to play a little while focusing on the good future they want to build for themselves.

In recent times, we’ve got a social media platform that is designed with sinister programming technique such that turns anyone to an immature unthinking idiot.


For anyone who consumes content very well on TikTok, you’d agree that the platform has an interface that can hijack whatever you’re doing or thinking before you launch the app.

The app takes all your data and feeds you with contents that practically get you glued to the app. Millions of people especially Teenagers are now addicted to social media platform.

It’s scary the way young people now invest in buying cameras, big phones, ring light and microphone just to be dancing or saying funny things online.

It’s funny how everyone is now a content creator on TikTok. Whether you’re miming sounds, talking and dancing shits, TikTok has a way of rewarding everyone with likes and comments freely.


TikTok For Creators

Their algorithm will keep encouraging you to do more. They feed your contents to people who are likely to be interested in what you’re doing and that the power of the “For You Page”.

To make the matter worse, people now make huge money on the platform and that will sound like a good thing but the truth is, TikTok only pay creators stipends from the huge money they make from selling out people’s data to third party.

TikTok’s Evil Of Data Sharing

The way TikTok handles data of it’s users is not like other social media platforms. No platform gives out user data than TikTok. For TikTok, data is a huge treasure. The app is even capable of collecting your data when you’re outside the app.

Think of Tiktok on your phone like Big Brother and Housemates relationships in the BBNaija House.


“Big Brother Is Always Watching You”.. Lol!!

Data collection capacity of TikTok has made the platform so powerful that they can sell anything to you, control your thinking and track all your moves.

Effect Of TikTok On Other Social Media Platforms

TikTok is giving other social media platforms a good chase. The advent of TikTok has forced the likes of Instagram and YouTube to introduce reels and shorts respectively.

Thereby making those platforms cumbersome and lot loaded with too much features. Meanwhile, it’s quite funny the way people still post TikTok contents on the IG reels and YouTube shorts.

This presupposes that, TikTok still owns the power, IG and YouTube just created a funnel to allow their users still come back to their platforms after using TikTok.


Final Thoughts

The essence of this article is not to condemn TikTok in its total sense but the platform needs to be regulated before things get out of hand.

If you’re using TikTok to find a specific kinds of information, TikTok will bombard you with lots of contents from that niche to a point that it comes very addictive and you don’t want to leave.

TikTok is more like consuming cocaine, you get high and never want to stop. This is not too cool for the future of this generation who are much more interested in pleasure than meaningful information.

TikTok is doing more harm than good to the world.


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