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The Women In Mavin: Pillars Of Success At Don Jazzy’s Mavin Records



The female formation of Nigeria’s most organized and successful record label, Mavin Records is another proof that women are salt of life, they give our lives a flavor in the most extraordinary way.

The recent event of International Women’s day informed our decision to look into the female staff strength of Mavin Records and guess what?

We found an army of women which constitute 45% of the entire mavin team with 4 of these women as the directors and head of major departments in the music company.


These female directors and head might not be in the fore front of public faces as far as the entertainment business at Mavin Records is concerned but they have the exceptional talent and skills that have over the years keep the company atop her peers in the global music space.

Ladies and Gentlemen – Meet The Mavin Women

  • Rima Tahini – Director of A&R
  • Jennifer Imion – Director of Operations
  • Ifeoma Okonkwo – Director of Finance
  • Emmanuella Nnadozie – Head of marketing and corporate communication

Rima Tahini – Director of A&R

For a woman who escaped civil war in her home country Sierra-Leone with her family and rose through the odds to become a successful star-maker in Africa’s Entertainment scene, Rima is indeed an epitome of strength, resilience and success.

Her trajectory in the energy and finance industry after graduating Summa Cum Laude from her alma mata is one worth studying.


She began her journey at the company after being on the team that orchestrated a multi-million dollar investment in one of Africa’s leading entertainment companies, Mavin Global some years ago.

Her office as the Director of the A & R department at Mavin Global comes with a nickname- “The Factory”.

Rima, heads the factory aspect of Mavin Records where artistes are discovered, groomed, nurtured and presented to the world.

No doubt, Mavin A&R department under the leadership of Rima has achieved success with transforming rather unknown artistes to super-stars.


For all the classic tunes that have come out of Mavin Records, music videos, performances and merchandise Rima’s input contributes to the success of it all.

The results of Rima’s hard-work at Mavin Global is out there with youngsters like Rema, Crayon, Ayra Starr and Magixx currently making waves within Africa and beyond.

Rima once said;

“For me, it’s beyond being in entertainment; it is about building one of the leading industries in Africa today.

I hope to see the African music industry grow, and I want the industry to be developed to a place where we have institutions within it and our artists can flourish and have platforms and opportunities.


That feeling of seeing someone go from zero to becoming a star is very fulfilling.”

Indeed, Rima’s impact as regards creative outputs from Mavin Records and global acceptance of artistes cannot be under-estimated and is worthy of tumultuous applause.

Ifeoma Okonkwo – Director of Finance

As Wall Street is important to the world’s everyday finances, so is Ifeoma important to all the financial dealings at Mavin. Little wonder the name plague at the door to her office reads “Wall Street”.

Ifeoma Okonkwo is the Director of Finance at Mavin Records, A Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (FCA), Associate of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants CIMA UK (ACMA, CGMA) and an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria (ACTI).


Ifeoma’s strategic input to financial decisions making has over the years been the brain behind the management of Mavin Record’s financial strength.

Jennifer Imion – Director of Operations

As the Director of Operations of Mavin Global, Jennifer Imion is the fixer and officially mother of all at Mavin. She plays the role of HR with overseeing all other departments in the company with so much poise.

Jennifer is the brain behind the smooth running of operations in the company, she provides adequate information and reports to aid smart decision making, reviews and executes all hiring needs.

The increase in the number of the efficient female staff in the company is all her doing.


Handling relationships with varieties of people and their personalities, situations and problems in a fast paced creative environment like Mavin Global is not for the weak and ofcourse, Jennifer has always showed strength.

Emmanuella Nnadozie – Head Of Marketing And Corporate Communication

Music marketing, promotions and corporate communication of Africa’s leading Record Label, Mavin Global is vested in hands of this woman, Emmanuella Nnadozie.

She is a brand marketing, advertising and communication expert with a remarkable history of professional career success before joining Mavin in 2019.

Emmanuella is a key player and head of Mavin’s Marketing And Corporate Communications team.


Her office is nicknamed the Shrink because of her creative instinct when it comes to music marketing.

Being the major think tank of the marketing team, she’s responsible for the overall marketing success and crazy digital numbers generated by Mavin artistes overtime.

Emmanuella is the creative marketing powerhouse of the label, she’s the brain behind all Mavin’s music promotion. She’s indeed one who personifies brilliance in marketing.


At SauceNigeria, we celebrate these amazing women doing wonders in Nigeria’s entertainment industry and contributing their skills to global recognition of Afrobeat through Mavin Global.

All thanks to Don Jazzy for recognizing the power of women and this has shown beyond reasonable doubts that if women are given more chances at controlling the affairs in major sectors, Nigeria and Africa as a continent will be a better place.

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