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The Story Of Late Dejo Tunfulu, Nigerian Comic Actor Who Made Generations Laugh As A Stammerer



Human lives will wither away the same way plants do. Death itself is like a reaper who is poised to strike at anytime.

When death the reaper strikes, everything is taken away including money and fame. Death has the habit of emptying the home of riches and bringing sadness to the house full of happiness.

In the case of Kunle Makinde Adetokunbo, also known as Dejo Tunfulu, the death refused to let him out of his clutches. Dejo Tunfulu, a Yoruba comedian and performer, died on April 1, 2022, at the age of 50, from excessive bleeding.


Dejo Tunfulu was more than a humorous figure. He was a multi-generational comedian with a distinct approach. He featured in most movies as a ‘stammerer’ for decades, and he continually demonstrated this same technique for many years, and it withstood every moment.

Adetokunbo, who began performing at an early age, has had the honor of sharing the stage with great comedy performers such as Lukuluku, Baba Suwe, Koledowo, Ajirebi, and others.

He transitioned from stage to television, reinventing every moment with his talent, and the originality of his persona tantalizes his followers even more.

When famous singer and filmmaker Kunle Afod announced the death of Kunle Makinde Adetokunbo, also known as Dejo Tunfulu, he was met with a barrage of comments and condolences.


While expressing their regrets, Dejo Tunfulu’s colleagues characterized him as a guy of humility and respect. Colleagues and other sympathizers who were close to the late comedy actor emphasized the phrase “he did not reap the results of his hard labor.”

A deeper examination of Dejo Tunfulu’s life reveals that the late comedy actor put in a lot of effort. Dejo Tunfulu appeared in a number of films but never made a significant financial breakthrough, despite raising two kids on his own when his wife died.

Dejo Tunfulu’s first significant break and rise to stardom came in the late 1990s, when he appeared in the film “Omo Oran,” which starred veteran actor Fatai Adetayo (Lalude).

Early Life Of Dejo Tunfulu

Dejo Tunfulu, whose real name is Kunle Makinde Adetokunbo, is from Abeokuta, Ogun State, and was born in Idumota, Lagos Island, on May 31, 1972. He’s a well-known Yoruba comedian, writer, and producer.



Dejo Tunfulu began his schooling at the Ansar-Ud-Deen elementary school on Lagos Island, Lagos State, where he received his First School Leaving Certificate.

He received his high school diploma from Dolphin High School in Ebute Elefun, Lagos Island, Lagos State.

He continued his study by earning a degree in printing from the Modern Way Nigeria School of Printing.

His Marital Life

Dejo’s wife, Mrs. Adesola Olakunle, is dead. According to sources, she died in December 2012 after giving up during delivery in the early hours of the morning. Dejo’s previous marriage resulted in two grown children.


After his first wife died, Dejo married Deola Idowu Gunwa, a secondary school teacher near the defunct Concord Newspaper in Ikeja.

His Career Life

In the early 1980s, Dejo Tunfulu began acting in high school when he joined the entertainment society (a school theatrical club) and performed in a few stage plays.

He grew up in close proximity to prominent stars such as Fausat Balogun (Madam Saje) and Kayode Olasehinde (Baba Ajirebi) and had the chance to learn from them even as a child.

He joined the Akuko Gagara Theatre Group and the Kolawole International Theatre Group a few years later, and made his debut television appearance in 1987 in the Kolawole International Theatre Group’s drama series “Apere Ijongbon.”


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