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Serious Tension In Benue As Herdsmen And Bandits Launch Fresh Attacks On Communities



Suspected fulani herders currently attacking Ado Local Government Area of Benue State especially the Ikpomilokpo community in Ogege ward where the aggressors as of late assaulted a palace.

It was revealed that palace of the family top of the local head, Chief Micheal Oche was on Monday assaulted by speculated Fulani herders who murdered his child, Thompson Oche and furthermore kidnapped one of his girls.

An occupant of the local area, Adah John who addressed our reporter from the local area yesterday, said the whole town is as yet under pressure following the assault on the royal residence.

He said;


“Our business sectors and ranches have been closed down since the episode occured on Monday. There is strain wherever as nobody knows when these herders will in any case come into the local area to assault us.

“We presently don’t rest around evening time since that is the point at which they generally dispatch their assaults on us. Our vigilantes are doing their best however the sort of weapons this herders consistently use, I question if the tactical men have such”.

The Ado Local Government Chairman, Chief James Oche let DAILY POST on Saturday know that the captured casualty has been delivered by the attackers after One Million Naira (N1000,000,0000) recover was paid.

“The ruffians began with Hundred Million Naira however after much arrangement, they acknowledged One Million Naira,” he said.

When inquired as to whether there is as yet strain locally, the board supervisor said, “obviously, there is as yet pressure. You realize that when something like this occurs, individuals will be hesitant to get out of their homes.

“The inhabitants are terrified of going to cultivate in view of dread of another assault. As of late, we have been under assaults from herders and outfitted criminals.

“There is a ton of examination happening with the security organizations in the neighborhood government at present and I trust that by the day’s end, they will concoct an awesome outcome”.


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