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INEC Set To Test Bimodal Voter Machine On All Elections Before 2023 – Gaya Reveals



The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has been told to ensure the Bimodal Voters Accreditation System (BVAS) is completely active before the 2023 general political race.

Kabiru Gaya, the Chairman of the Senate Committee on INEC communicated pain over the disappointment of BVAS in a few surveying units during the recently finished Anambra Governorship political race.

He expressed that his Committee has agreed with INEC to re-test the machines in 2022 in front of the overall political race in 2023.

Prof. Mahmood Yakubu, the Chairman of INEC, was additionally disillusioned by the accidents the framework caused as Gaya let legislators know that the electing umpire will attempt to fix the machines before any political race in Nigeria.


Gaya made his accommodation at the National Assembly after he introduced the report of his Committee to the Senate Committee on Appropriation.

In the most natural-sounding way for him: “We acutely watched the Anambra governorship political decision and we understood that BIVAS have significant issues.

“We are shocked that the machines failed at the Anambra governorship political race since they worked impeccably when INEC showed them for us at the Committee.

“We have consented to attempt the machines in different races coming up in 2022 in order to decide their usefulness before the 2023 general political race.


“We actually have the Ekiti and Osun races coming up. Nonetheless, INEC is now dealing with the arrangement so we would not have issues in 2023.

“I won’t concur that it is an instance of treachery since an electronic gadget could flop however we as of now have arrangements for spare. If a machine falls flat, another one would be acquired.

“It is even acceptable that it occurred in the Anambra governorship political race. In the event that it had occurred at the overall political decision, it would have been cataclysmic.

“Dissimilar to previously, when assets for races were delivered half a month to the activity, this time, we explicitly referenced that piece of the assets implied for the political race should be given a year prior to the political race.


“That is the reason we have a proposition for fractional arrival of N100 billion for the 2023 general political race in the 2022 financial plan. We are trusting that we could get further subsidizing before the political race.

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