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I Quit Attending An Abuja Church Because Pastor Always Criticize Buhari – Femi Adeshina



The Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina, says he quit going to a part of a congregation in Abuja on the grounds that the minister was continually assaulting the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.).

Adesina said this in an article on Thursday named, ‘This Kumuyi is basically unique’, which was written on the side of an assertion by the General Superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Pastor William Kumuyi.

Despite the fact that Adesina didn’t specify which church he quit joining in, his public profile expresses that he is an individual from the Foursquare Gospel Church where he was appointed a minister and has gone to starting around 1988.


In the article, the President’s representative said tragically a few ministers had turned their platforms to platforms whereupon they heave disdain.

He stated, “I used to go to a congregation in Abuja from 2015 to 2018, till the minister started to consider himself to be somebody who should cut the Buhari government down. Many sundays, it was a wide range of analysis from the podium. In any case, I suffered, since it was a part of a congregation I had gone to for more than 30 years. Till one day, he tried too hard.

“The Dapchi young ladies were stole and there was no name the minister didn’t call President Buhari that Sunday. Unfortunately such things could emerge out of the lectern. Yet, I experienced long and endured the lesson, or rather, what should be a message. I then, at that point, returned home, considering what the congregation of God was going to.”

Adesina said after the majority of the Dapchi young ladies had been protected, the minister didn’t consider it fit to compliment the President in resulting administration.


The President’s associate, nonetheless, adulated Kumuyi for saying last week that Christians ought not “scorn people with significant influence since they seem not to follow through on constituent vows”.

He expressed that while a previous Vice-Chancellor of Ajayi Crowther University, Prof. Dapo Asaju, was inside his privileges to be furious over the condition of the country, it should be noticed that the Buhari system was doing a ton to change the country’s fortunes.

Adesina said there were a few godly men who anticipated that Buhari would lose the 2019 political race yet it ended up being a phony prescience.

“Regardless of the titles they bear, I hear priests, witnesses, prophets, ministers, evangelists, reviling the public authority, and giving Judgment day takes note. One even said freely that the Buhari organization was finished, before the 2019 decisions. However, the man won abundantly, and that minister actually swaggers and frets on the platform consistently, not apologizing in tragic fanfare,” said Adesina.


He noticed that during the #EndSARS fights of 2020, a few ministers came out to help the young people who were dissenting yet they immediately drew back into their shells when the fights went crazy.

Adesina added, “Minister Kumuyi additionally says in case you are a genuine devotee to Christ, you wouldn’t go on the frenzy, annihilating government property… But that was not what we found in the country in October last year. The nation was practically torched under the ploy of EndSARS.

“Furthermore, tragically, they were empowered by ministers and evangelists, who basically disdain the way that a Fulani man is their President. A significant number of them are on record as having empowered the nonconformists, till things went terrible, turned astray. What’s more, the ministers disappeared into the meager air. Not an expression of alert or restriction as the urban areas were consuming, and cops were being killed, and surprisingly eaten up.”

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