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GRAMMY IS NOT GREATNESS!! See Global Star Musicians Who Shockingly Never Won A Grammy Despite Many Nominations



Awards are not measures of how talented or gifted someone is but rather a competitive event organized by a small section of people to subjectively judge artistery.

Opinion of few award organizers is obviously not a true reflection of who is better than the other when it comes to work of arts.

Every creative person is unique in their own way and that’s why their talent in most cases earn them celebrity status.


The just concluded Grammy Award caused lots of controversies as some artistes went home with their hope of getting award dashed. Thereby throwing their huge collection of fanbase into the pool of disappointment.

Well, it might interest you to know that many iconic artistes never laid their hands on a Grammy Award despite many nominations.

Ranging from Nicki Minaj, to Snoop Dogg there are many more celebrities whom you’d have thought are Grammy holders but Grammys never pity them with even an iron spoon.

Hopefully, Wizkid fans will calm down after reading this.


Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj was nominated for ten Grammy Awards in the five years between 2010 and 2015. In 2011, the rapper was beaten for best new artist by Bon Iver, and in 2015, she was beaten in all three of her nominated categories by Kendrick Lamar.

Ask yourself, shay Nicki wa kere ni?

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg, whose real name is Calvin Broadus, has been nominated for 19 Grammy Awards, the first of which he got in 1993, but never won. In the history of Grammys, Snoop Dogg holds the record for the most Grammy Award nominations without ever winning one.

Omoor!! This kain thing dey pain person normally. They could have pitied him with one. Haba!!



Sia has garnered nine Grammy nominations since 2012, and is yet to win. She is a singer-songwriter, record producer, and music video director.

Lin-Manuel Miranda won the prize for best song composed for visual media in 2017, beating Sia to take the award home.

Sia’s song “Chandelier” was nominated for Record of the Year in 2015, but lost to Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me.”

Dem do Sia for Sia 😂 If you know you know.



Tupac Shakur was nominated for six Grammys, including one after his death. In 1995, he was nominated for the first time but lost to Coolio and Naughty by Nature, and after his death, he was nominated again but lost to Eminem.

These people no dey even fear spirit 😂 No single respect for the dead!!

Busta Rhymes

Since 1996, Trevor Smith Jr., as Busta Rhymes, has been nominated for 12 Grammy Awards but has never won.

He was nominated for two Grammy Awards in 2011, for best rap performance and best rap song. Kanye West defeated him in both categories. Ko kan aye mehn!!


Funny enough, this guy na fastest rapper oo but him speed no fit win am one single Grammy out of 12. Wicked world 😂

The Notorious B.I.G

The Notorious B.I.G., like Tupac, was a famous rapper while alive and a legendary rap figure after his death, yet his numerous hit songs are worthless in the eyes of the Grammys. B.I.G. has been nominated for four Grammy Awards, but has yet to win any.

B.I.G sef chop Grammy breakfast!!

Katy Perry

Katy Perry, the current “American Idol” judge, has been nominated for a Grammy award 13 times in the previous decade, but she still doesn’t have one on her shelve of awards.


Katy was nominated for Album of the Year for Teenage Dream, but lost to Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs.

This Katy Pery own weak me😥

The End!!

The artistes mentioned in this post are bigger than Wizkid, so the violence on social media after the loss at the Grammys are not necessary if you ask me.

Grammy is just like any other award, they don’t determine greatness. But what do I know? Bar man abeg give me cold stout!!


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Jail Break: Abba Kyari And Other Prominent Nigerians In Kuje Prison



The Kuje Correctional Facility was heavily attacked Tuesday night, which allowed some prisoners to escape.

The facility has taken over as the “VIP prison” for well-known Nigerians, replacing Kirikiri Maximum Security Correctional Facility. There are now several former Lawmakers, governors, and terrorists living there.

Some well-known Nigerians, including the Senate Chief Whip, Orji Uzor Kalu, Adamawa Governor Ahmadu Fintiri, Olisa Metuh, and Femi Fani-Kayode, have had brief run-ins in the prison.


As may be noted, the court denied Nnamdi Kanu’s request to be transferred to Kuje Prison while he is being held by the DSS. Nnamdi Kanu is the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra.

Despite the correctional facility’s status, concerns have been raised in light of how easily terrorists were able to attack the facility and release several terrorists along with other detainees.

While terrorists conducted hours-long operations at the plant, Gwagwalada, which is only 15 minutes away, has a sizable military formation and numerous military checkpoints. Furthermore, the distance between the prison and significant cantonments like Mogadishu, Niger, and Lungi is less than 45 minutes.

Following the incident, Nigerians have conjectured on social media that disgraced “supercop” Abba Kyari and other convicted politicians would have taken advantage of the situation to avoid jail time.


Below are some well-known Nigerians who are inmates in Kuje Correctional Facility:

1. Abba Kyari

The disgraced former leader of the Intelligence Response Team is presently awaiting trial on charges of trafficking in illegal drugs and tampering with evidence at the Kuje detention facility.

Kyari was charged with eight counts by the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, and he was disciplined in Kuje along with a few other police officers.

Kyari, ACP Sunday Ubia, Inspector Simon Agirgba, Inspector John Nuhu, and Bawa James were to be transferred to Kuje, per Justice Emeka Nwike’s order.


2. Joshua Dariye

Given that he had received a state pardon, the former governor of Plateau State would not have taken the chance of escaping from prison.

Dariye and 158 other people received pardons from the National Council of States Dariye, although the former governor has not yet been released.

The former governor, who served as governor from 1999 to 2007, was found guilty of stealing N2 billion from Plateau State.

The Federal Capital Territory’s High Court sentenced him to 14 years in jail. The Supreme Court did, however, commute the sentence to 10 years.


3.  Rev. Jolly Nyame

Similar to Dariye, Mr. Nyame benefited from President Buhari’s contentious pardon.

Justice Bukola Banjoko found the former governor of Taraba State, who presided over the state from 1999 to 2007, guilty in 2018, and the Supreme Court upheld the conviction and sentence in 2020.

4. Abdulrasheed Maina

Mr. Maina once served as the head of President Goodluck Jonathan’s prestigious Pension Reform Task Force. He was chosen to clean the system in 2010.

A Senate committee charged him with embezzling N100 billion in 2012. He went into hiding and was fired from his job.


Mr. Maina received an 8-year sentence from Justice Okon Abang for stealing billions from seniors.

After his game of cat and mouse with the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission up until his arrest with his 20-year-old son, Faisal, Mr. Maina became a celebrity.

He reappeared after Buhari became president. Recall that after being secretly promoted and reinstated in the civil service, the government sacked him in response to the outcry.

5. Farouq Lawan

Lawan is an obvious example of grass to grace. In the Jonathan administration, the former Kano legislator was tasked with looking into fuel subsidies.


He was forced to resign after a DSS trap revealed that he had been abusing the committee to enrich oil marketers.

Lawan, who was one of the caucus leaders that ousted Patricia Etteh as Speaker of the House, was exposed by Femi Otedola’s $600,000 campaign.

Lawan is currently imprisoned in Kuje after receiving a 7-year sentence from a judge.

6. Peter Nwachukwu

The popular gospel musician Osinachi’s husband is incarcerated at the Kuje Correctional Facility as part of an ongoing homicide investigation.


The Federal Capital Territory High Court ordered Mr. Nwachukwu to remain in custody while the matter is pending last month.

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TIKTOK: A Social Media Platform Turning Everyone To Immature Unthinking Idiot (A MUST READ)



Gone are the days when teenagers pay attention to becoming something meaningful in future.

The days when teenagers and adults want to play a little while focusing on the good future they want to build for themselves.

In recent times, we’ve got a social media platform that is designed with sinister programming technique such that turns anyone to an immature unthinking idiot.


For anyone who consumes content very well on TikTok, you’d agree that the platform has an interface that can hijack whatever you’re doing or thinking before you launch the app.

The app takes all your data and feeds you with contents that practically get you glued to the app. Millions of people especially Teenagers are now addicted to social media platform.

It’s scary the way young people now invest in buying cameras, big phones, ring light and microphone just to be dancing or saying funny things online.

It’s funny how everyone is now a content creator on TikTok. Whether you’re miming sounds, talking and dancing shits, TikTok has a way of rewarding everyone with likes and comments freely.


TikTok For Creators

Their algorithm will keep encouraging you to do more. They feed your contents to people who are likely to be interested in what you’re doing and that the power of the “For You Page”.

To make the matter worse, people now make huge money on the platform and that will sound like a good thing but the truth is, TikTok only pay creators stipends from the huge money they make from selling out people’s data to third party.

TikTok’s Evil Of Data Sharing

The way TikTok handles data of it’s users is not like other social media platforms. No platform gives out user data than TikTok. For TikTok, data is a huge treasure. The app is even capable of collecting your data when you’re outside the app.

Think of Tiktok on your phone like Big Brother and Housemates relationships in the BBNaija House.


“Big Brother Is Always Watching You”.. Lol!!

Data collection capacity of TikTok has made the platform so powerful that they can sell anything to you, control your thinking and track all your moves.

Effect Of TikTok On Other Social Media Platforms

TikTok is giving other social media platforms a good chase. The advent of TikTok has forced the likes of Instagram and YouTube to introduce reels and shorts respectively.

Thereby making those platforms cumbersome and lot loaded with too much features. Meanwhile, it’s quite funny the way people still post TikTok contents on the IG reels and YouTube shorts.

This presupposes that, TikTok still owns the power, IG and YouTube just created a funnel to allow their users still come back to their platforms after using TikTok.


Final Thoughts

The essence of this article is not to condemn TikTok in its total sense but the platform needs to be regulated before things get out of hand.

If you’re using TikTok to find a specific kinds of information, TikTok will bombard you with lots of contents from that niche to a point that it comes very addictive and you don’t want to leave.

TikTok is more like consuming cocaine, you get high and never want to stop. This is not too cool for the future of this generation who are much more interested in pleasure than meaningful information.

TikTok is doing more harm than good to the world.


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Top 10 Highest Paid Football Stars After Mohammed Salah Pens New Liverpool Deal



Mohammed Salah has inevitably shot up the ranks in the enviable list of highest-earning football stars in world football today.

The 30-year-old Liverpool forward put all transfer speculations to bed on Friday, July 1 when he put pen on paper in a new three-year deal with Liverpool.

Liverpool were overly determined to keep Salah, having already lost Sadio Mane to Bayern Munich weeks earlier.


In truth, Salah deserved a new deal as he has been a revelation since moving from Roma to Anfield in 2017.

At Liverpool, he has managed to score an impressive 156 goals in 254 games, winning huge pieces of silverware along the way.

While his new deal entails Salah earning something in the region of £400,000 a week, he is still miles behind the highest earner in football – Kylian Mbappe.

Daily Mail recently released a list of the highest-earning football stars, and it is an interesting one.


See Below:-

10. Robert Lewandowski, Bayern Munich – £350,000-a-week

9. Antoine Griezmann, Atletico Madrid (on loan from Barcelona) – £356,000-a-week

=7. David De Gea, Manchester United – £375,000-a-week

=7. Erling Haaland, Manchester City – £375,000-a-week


=5. Cristiano Ronaldo, Manchester United – £385,000-a-week

=5. Kevin De Bruyne, Manchester CIty – £385,000-a-week

4. Mohamed Salah, Liverpool – £400,000-a-week

3. Neymar, Paris Saint-Germain, £606,000-a-week


2. Lionel Messi, Paris Saint-Germain – £960,000-a-week

1. Kylian Mbappe, Paris Saint-Germain – £1,000,000-a-week

Notably, four players – David De gea, Erling Haalahd, Kevin de Bruyne and Cristiano Ronaldo earn near-similar wages.

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Common Red Flags In Relationships You Shouldn’t Ignore (WATCH VIDEO)



In relationships, there are non-negotiable red flags people often ignore.

In most cases, people’s minds and emotions get clouded with the need to be in love that they often decide to manage to cope with some Red-Flags behaviour of their partners.

Today on Family Life With Adeola, we shall be talking about relationship red-flags no one should ignore in relationships.

You will learn a lot from this. Drag a seat and Enjoy!!


Watch Below:-

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