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VIDEO: Funke Akindele & JJC Skillz Breakup – 3 Important Marriage Lessons To Learn From It



Last week was a week of too many drama of celebrity marriage breakups.

The loudest one among all was that of JJC Skillz and Funke Akindele because these are couples whose marriage life on social media has become “goals” to youths who desire to get married.

Their break up stirs a lot of reactions, most especially the little details that accompanied the announcement.


It’s sad though but there are lessons to be learnt. Today on Sauce TV, we will be taking you through 3 major lessons to learn from JJC Skillz and Funke Akindele’s break up.

Watch Below:-

1. Never Marry A Man or Woman With More Than One Babymama or Babydaddy

JJC Skills has two babymamas and Funke Akindele expected that he’d be so much fateful in their relationship.

Well, no one knows what really transpired in their marriage but from what JJC Skills posted, it’s pretty clear that Funke Akindele is the one angry here.


If this is a case of cheating, what do you expect from a man with 2babymamas. He definitely cheated on two women already and he’s most likely going to do the same with you.

If you must marry a man with more than one baby Maama, do carry your spoon anywhere you’re going because your breakfast can be served anytime.

As a man, if you marry a woman with more than one baby daddy, expect frustration in that union. Expect to be cheated on and never loose guard yourself because such woman can mess you up and run away.



2. As A Man, Never Move In To A House Built By The Woman

If you’re a man, be man enough to ensure that your wife and children live in the house you built or the one you’re paying for.

No matter how rich your wife can be, never move into the house that she built. Any small issue or mistake from you, she won’t think it twice before letting you know that she owns the house and she has every right to chase out your sorry ass.

JJC skillz posted that Funke Akindele insisted that he lives the house, which simply means that Funke owns the house and she’s too angry to continue seeing him around. If JJC owns the house, Funke would have been the one to leave.

To save yourself public embarrassment, never move into a house built or being paid for by a woman. She can throw you out in the middle of the night



3. Be Extra-careful When Doing Joint Business With Your Partner

If you’re doing business with your partner, always think of days that things will go south and be out of control. When issues arise, what will be your faith?

JJC Skillz before his marriage to Funke Akindele was a big time music executive, record producer and video director. He is an epitome of creativity in music and films. In the year 2000s, the likes of Don Jazzy, D’banj and others were under his tutelage.

On getting married to Funke Akindele, both of them started joint business and got fully dedicated to it.


Ofcourse, issues in their marriage now will force one person out of the business and it seem like JJC Skillz will be the one who has to start from the beginning because their business already revolves around Funke Akindele.

I have personally witness a situation whereby, husband and wife owns a business and the wife was the reason the business succeeded but when issues happen, the wife was kicked out of the marriage and the business.

She’s got to start all over again after many years of working her ass out in a marital business.

So you’ve got to be careful, it’s either you avoid marital business or just get a paper signed on what will happen to the business in the case where the marriage dissolves.


The End!!

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