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Baba Ijesha:- Witness Refuses To Appear In Court Due To “Unknown Fears” As Court Adjourns Trial Again



SaharaReporters report that the Ikeja Special Offenses Court has again moved the trial of Nollywood entertainer, James Olanrewaju, also known as Baba Ijesha till November 19 and December 2.

This followed the refusal of one of the witnesses to show up in court over feelings of fear.

Additionally, another witness, who is a cop, couldn’t go to the court procedures since he had been moved to a far-off police headquarters.


One of the legal advisors said, “At the court today, the consultation couldn’t proceed in light of the fact that the arraigning counsel had called for suspension.

“One of the observers, a cop has been moved to a far station. Likewise, there is someone else who has communicated fears. The case has been deferred to November 19 and December 2.”

Baba Ijesha has been ensnared for a situation of kid attack since April 2021 and was remanded in police authority after his capture on April 22.

He was, nonetheless, delivered on June 24.


Equity Taiwo allowed Baba Ijesha bail in the amount of N2 million and two guarantees: an attorney and a family connection.

The famous actor was charged on six counts of rape by infiltration, foul treatment of a youngster, and rape, which repudiate segments 259, 135, and 261 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State 2011, just as 135, 263, and 262 Criminal Law of Lagos State 2015.

Occasionally prior, a cop joined to the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department (SCIID), Yaba, Lagos, Wahab Kareem affirmed as the fifth arraignment observer in the preliminary of the entertainer over the contamination of a minor.

He said, “During our examination, another young lady (name kept) approached and said the respondent attacked her when she was 12 years of age.


“We talked with her and the respondent behind the counter and he passionately denied the charge.

“The young lady said the occurrence happened at Agah space of Ikorodu, and we advised an agent of the litigant to follow us to the house and we met the property manager.

“The landowner showed us a condo and said, ‘This is the place where Baba Ijesha used to reside.’

“In the interim, Baba Ijesha had prior denied living around there.”


Following this, the assertion of Baba Ijesha’s previous landowner, Alhaji Jameel, and the respondent’s assertion at the SCIID were allegedly conceded in proof.

During procedures, a video recording of James (Baba Ijesha) at the SCIID conceding to physically attacking the cultivate little girl comedienne, Damilola Adekoya pseudonym Princess, was played.

“I bugged her, I contacted her hand and I licked her hand,” Baba Ijesha said in the clasp.

The cop additionally affirmed that he was requested to assume control over the examination from the case from a group because of grumblings from Adekoya.


“I was approached to assume control over the matter from Team An in light of the fact that the complainant (Princess) had griped about the closeness between the litigant and individuals from Team A.

“After the finish of the examination, I moved the record to the Directorate of Public Prosecution for legitimate exhortation,” he said.

While being interrogated by Babatunde Ogala, Kareem said he never visited the crime location, adding that the other minor who additionally blamed the respondent for pollution was brought to the police by Adekoya.

He said the assertion of the litigant’s previous property manager was recorded at the landowner’s home and not at a police headquarters.


He, be that as it may, said the assertions recorded were taken to his boss, Margaret Ighodalo.

When requested to show where his boss countersigned the property manager’s assertion as legally necessary, the observer said the landowner’s assertion was not countersigned.

He further affirmed that an attorney was absent when James (Baba Ijesha) offered his underlying expression to the police at the SCIID.

He added that James was not taken to Ikorodu to counter the other case of pollution because of safety reasons.


“The litigant was the person who requested that his sibling take us to Ikorodu. We didn’t take him there due to security reasons; his name was all around the information on TVs and radios.

“He might have been commandeered from us; that is the reason we advised him to assign somebody and he selected his sibling to go with us,” Kareem said.

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