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BABA IJESHA JAILED!! Here’s How To Protect A Girl Child From S3xual Molestation (WATCH VIDEO)



The case of sexual assault involving celebrity actor, Baba Ijesha is a very embarrassing one.

Popular Nigerian actor and comedian, Olanrewaju Omiyinka has been sentenced to prison on the ground of sexually molesting 14-year-old girl under the guidance of fellow actress, Damilola Adekoya, popularly known as princess.

It happened that Baba Ijesha has been molesting this young girl for a long time before he got caught. It’s a good thing he’s got to now pay for his misdeeds but parents and guidance needs to be careful about perverts and Paedophiles like Baba Ijesha.


Today, we will talking about, some key things parents must do to protect their female child from sexual assault.

Watch Video Below:-

1. Never trust anyman with your female child

Unless you complete sure about the personality of someone, never trust anyman with your girl child. There are lots of perverts roaming around the streets today.

This people just get attracted to minors and they molest them in different kind of ways you would never suspect or imagine.

In the year 2020, Nigeria reported a whooping number of 900 reported rape cases of which over 50% were against children.


So, you’ve got to be careful as a parent, if you’re not available to be with your girl child, put her in the care of a woman you can trust to take care of her.

2. Teach Your Child About The Part Of Her Body that is private

In Africa, we tend to shy away from talking to our children about private parts. Sometimes, we feel it is religiously wrong or based on some unestablished moral fact.

Now, there is never a wrong time to teach your children about private part. It’s just that you’ve got to find a perfect way to do it so you don’t compromise on your religious and moral ethics.

You can let your child understand that, any part of your body that is hidden under your swimming suit is private and note meant to be touched by anybody except you who is the mother.


Some grown women were told by their parent that if a man touch them, they will get pregnant. This thing made many young girls stay away from boys in Primary and Secondary school. They realize this lie the day any guy mistakenly touch them and no pregnancy happen.

3. Encourage Your Child To Speak Up

It is not enough to only teach children about the part of their body that is private, it is also important to tell them to speak up if anybody dare try touch their private part.

Children are receptive to instructions like this to the extent that anyone who tries to touch that part of their body can get publicly embrassed.

Most of the time, these Paedophiles put fear in the minds of their child victims but if you as a parent encourage them to always speak up, they won’t have anything to fear.


4. Be Your Child’s Best Friend

Parenting these days has gone beyond being bossy to children, you need to be your child’s best friend. Position yourself in such a way that you’re the first point of contact when they need to discuss anything with anyone.

You can bring up a child well without necessarily becoming a villian. The advantage of this is that, your child won’t be open to scavengers out there looking for a girl child to molest.

5. Never Force Your Children To Hug Anyone Even Relatives

In Africa, we greet our elders by prostrating and kneeling down but Western Culture have brought this idea of hugging tighly in the name of greeting.

Some Pedophiles hide under this culture to tap current from young girls. This is not to say hugging is bad but it is safe to teach our children the proper African way of greeting.


Someone like me, as old as I am, I have never hugged my parent before. So, I don’t always feel the need to hug anyone. If your child has already been hugging people in the name of greeting, don’t stop them but never force them to hug anyone they don’t feel like even their relatives.

Let the child have a sense of ownership of her body. Infact, if your child is not comfortable being around someone, even if the person is a close relative, please don’t force the child to be around such person.

The End!!

Pedophiles are everywhere, it your responsibility as parent to protect your child and if you’re one of those people who derive please in molesting young girls, thunder will visit you.


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