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“Am I Not Doing Enough For Her?” – Man Narrates Sad Dating Experience



A young man has narrated a heartbreaking story of what transpired between him and a girl he was dating.

According to him, he earns N350k monthly and sends his girlfriend N30k monthly as she didn’t have a stable job yet.

Although he has other responsibilities such as paying his 3 siblings school fees, he still tries to support her and her family financially.


However, things went south after she demanded N95k for wigs which he didn’t have at the moment.

He wrote:

“Good evening madam Cornerstone,

i need advise. I am gradually giving up on relationships because i don’t know what ladies of these days want again.

My girlfriend is 29 years, she just sent me a voice recording and stopped picking my calls for 2 days now. I earn 350k every month and from it, I take care of her needs. i also have 2 keke i bought and gave it out for transport. I bought them with my commission fee. Though the guys driving them remit money into my account every week. i started with one and raised money for another. I thank God so far.


So madam, I do give her 20k every month because she doesn’t have a reasonable job yet. I advised her to learn hand work but she refused, that she needs table work. I buy her things. I am the eldest of all my siblings, the first child and only child of my late mum.

My late dad, married another woman who gave birth to 3 of my younger ones, who are in school, I help in paying their fees, my step mum is a widow and she sells food stuff at the market and i saved up to open that business for her. This lady and i started dating 2018 November. I know her mum is ill and that is the reason , if I send her 20k, i put extra 10k for her mum.

Even in between, I still recharge her phone and the rest. Last year i bought phone of 38k for her sick mum when her phone got stolen and the same last year her younger brother did apendix surgery and I paid 68k thereabout. in between all these every month 30k must leave my account for her and her mum.

Only for her to demand of 95k wig for her birthday and I told her that she should spare me sometime to save the money and send to her. She told me about the hair this February and I had a project to lift up my late father bungalow abit because its too down and add something and make it an upstairs.


I pleaded with her to give me time and she kept nagging, with time she stopped picking my calls and kept hammering that she needs the hair. I also noticed that there is a particular number that calls her whenever she comes around and all of a sudden she puts her phone on silent. I kept asking her why the change and she keeps telling me it’s nothing, that I should let her be.

Only for her to get a job in march without telling me and | later found out. I confronted her and she said she is just managing the place, that 45k salary is low for her. i encouraged her to stay there, focus and be keep looking for higher paying jobs.

Some days I will send her messages, she will take hours to respond and she is online on WhatsApp. I kept asking her what the problem was and she didn’t say. So i sent her 40k last three days, asked her to keep the Money, that is part payment of the hair, that i will send the rest by coming month. On monday morning, she sent me a voice recording, saying that, i can see that the relationship have been drawing since a month now, that she wants to be alone for now, that she can’t marry me, even if i propose now because I can’t take care of her financial needs fully.

Earlier this year, i told her that I will definitely see her people this December and pay bride price. On the recording, she said there is no need for her pretending. That common 95k hair took me months and still yet the money isn’t complete. That she can’t continue, that I should stop calling her for now. I have called and called her and she didn’t pick up. I want to go to her work place but my step mum said I shouldn’t bother that i should let her be.


I am confused am I not doing enough for her? I feel broken”

See his post below:

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