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6 Signs That Your Boyfriend Is About To Dump You



If your boyfriend dumps you, don’t blame him, blame yourself for not seeing it coming.

Well, the experience of breakup is sad but as a lady, you need to read the signs and know when your breakfast is being prepared.

At least, when you know when your breakfast is being prepared, you will know when to “Japa” before it’s served or better still you won’t have to cry because you’ve seen it coming.


Today, I will be taking you through 7 Signs That Your Boyfriend Is About to dump you like tissue paper;

1. He Stops Picking Your Calls

When he stops picking your calls most of the time, just know that your breakfast ingredients is being compiled.

Men naturally want to hear from their Bae as long as you’re not the type that chokes a man with calls.

But the moment he stops picking your calls even the few times that you call him, my sister it’s a sign that you’re going to get dumped.


2. He Avoids You

Most times, you feel tired about the way he avoids your calls and the next thing you want to do is see him in-person.

In an attempt to see him, if he still avoids you, then that’s another sign that you’re about to get dumped. If a guy still wants you, he’d probably want to see you at every chance he gets.

If your relationship has gotten to the point that your boyfriend is bringing up different excuses to avoid seeing you in-person, stop pushing it.

He’s already thinking about dumping you and he may end up dumping you. Infact, it could be that you’re already dumped. It’s not just official yet.


3. He Starts Posting Breakfast Memes & Quotes

Some guys are so petty to the extent that when they are tired of you, they start posting breakfast memes on whatsApp status for you to see.

At that point, they will start posting about how relationship is a scam, how women are problematic and many more.

When your boyfriend start posting screenshot of “Shola” (popular Nigerian anti-women relationship influencer) tweets on his WhatsApp status, my sister be preparing your mind for break up.


4. He Starts Telling You How His Hustle Is More Important

If you get to a point in relationship where your boyfriend starts telling you how much he needs to make money, that means his mind is off you and doesn’t even care about loosing you.

Most especially, if you are the type of girl who gets sorted financially all the time by a guy.

At this point, it could be that the guy is broke and he’s seeing you as either a major contributor to his brokenness or major drawback in his new pursuit of money.

5. He Complains About Everything You Do

This one is the most common. When your boyfriend complains about every little thing you do. He’s probably trying rough up things and end the relationship.


In this case, he will be complaining about things he doesn’t typically complains about before.

If you’re the type that drops few of your stuffs in your boyfriend’s house before and he doesn’t complain, the moment he starts complaining about it, he may be preparing your breakfast.

At this point, he could complain about the way you walk, dress or eat. He will become so annoying that you start thinking of dumping him but deep down, his intention is to frustrate you out of the relationship.

6. He Stops Buying You Gifts

A guy that buys you gifts and suddenly stop for quite usual length of period, that means he’s no longer interested in you.


Even if you ask him to get you some gifts, he will flare up or decline instantly without any remorse whatsoever.

I mean obvious things you know he could afford, he won’t get it for you because he’s no longer seeing you as part of him.

The End!!

These are some tactics men employ when they don’t want to break up with you officially but intend to leave you in the relationship.

Which Of These Signs Can You Relate To?

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