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4 Things That Might Happen To Kizz Daniel After He Quits Smoking



Before now, Kizz Daniel is one of Nigerian celebrities who are heavy smokers.

The reason most Nigerian artistes engage in smoking habit is not yet clear but it’s a good thing someone like Kizz Daniel has decided to call it quit.

According to the Abeokuta born singer, he decided to quit smoking on his birthday because of his children and ofcourse, it’s a thoughtful thing to do for someone who not only want to be a responsible father but also want to live long.


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As a matter of fact, the Afro-beat Pioneer, Fela in his grave still ranks number 1 smoker in the music industry until his death in 1997.


Below Are Things I think might happen to Kizz Daniel as he lives a life of a non-smoker:-

1. Temptation

One of the things that is sure to happen to any hardened smoker is temptation to smoke once in a while. It’s certain that Kizz Daniel might want to consider smooking in a secret room out of public arena even after calling it quit.

That is what addiction can do to human beings and it takes a lot of discipline to stand the ground and avoid it totally.

Well, my mind is telling me Vado’s video smoking secretly will soon emerge online. We go dey wait.😂


2. Long Life & Healthy Living

Even on the pack of cigarettes it’s written that smokers are liable to die young. You begin to wonder why someone who can read and write will still buy cigarette to smoke.

E be like say some people deliberately no just wan live long🤣.

For Kizz Daniel to quit smoking, he’s signed up for healthy living and long life. This will be in the best interest of himself, his career and his children.

Fela no live pass 59years and I am pretty sure heavy smoking habit will be one of the major causes of his short life span.

Anyways, congratulations to Kizz Daniel for allowing his lungs to operate as lungs and not as car exhaust😂


3. Increase In Alcohol Consumption

As Vado don stop smoking now, his next available means of enjoyment is alcohol consumption.

There are heavy possibilities that Kizz Daniel might take to serious alcohol consumption to fill in the void of cigarettes’.

It’s just a matter of time, he might decide to stop alcohol too.

4. Good Example For His Children

Kizz Daniel quitting smoking now will mean that his children, Jamal and Jelani will grow up to know their father as a non-smoker.


At least, it will be a good feeling if Kizz Daniel children grow up and their popsi name isn’t found in the least of “Igbolabis” in the music industry.😂

The End!!

What Are Your Thoughts On This?


What Other Things Do You Think Might Happen To Kizz Daniel After Quitting Smoking?

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